Configuring your calender

Configuring your club calender in Toasthost enables a number of automated features including automated guest emails and website meeting updates.

Before you start you will need to have a club calender feed. Further below you will see instructions for getting your calendar url either from Easyspeak if you are using that or from another calendar source.

Calendar Start

Click on 'Click here' to go to the calendar configuration page:

Calendar Start

Enter your calender feed URL (see below for details of getting this) and click 'Update'.

You will be redirected back to your club homepage. Syncing the calender can take a few seconds - initially it might look like this.

Calendar Start

But give it 30 seconds, when you refresh the page hopefully it looks more like this:

Calendar Start

You can see that it has found 9 events in the calendar (it refreshes the calender on a nightly basis).

If you see something like this:

Calendar Start

It means the sync has failed, it means the URL you configured is probably incorrect. Check the URL and update.

n.b. If you have changed the calendar and need Toasthost to pick up a change before the nightly refresh, simply go into the configuration screen, do not change anything and click 'Submit'. This action will trigger an immediate calender refresh (remember it can take a few seconds to show up).

Getting the calender feed from EasySpeak

If your club is using EasySpeak ( or for meeting management then you have easy access to a calender feed.

Log into your EasySpeak account, navigate to your club - and then select Meetings -> Subscribe to Web Calender as shown below:

Subscribe to Calendar

From the next page - find the Google subscribe link (Do not click it)

Google Subscribe Link

Rather than following the link you nead to copy it - right click and select copy on a PC or hover your finger on a tablet until you can copy the link.

You should end up with something like:

Your will be similar but may be subtly different. Use the link in the above section.

Getting the calender feed from other sources

To add your calender to Toasthost you need an 'ics' feed link. If your club has an online calender with a 'Subscribe' button - this is the link you need.

If you copy the link into a browser and it downloads a file ending .ics this is the one.
Take that URL and use it above.