Setting up your website

Basic Setup

If you want to setup a website for you club follow the instruction below.

Toasthost provide club websites based on a standardised template. Currently these provide a simple one page site. The website template has been designed by a professional web designer for easy of use and optimised for indexing.

If you have just setup your club you will see this on the club home page.

Website management d

Click on the 'Click here' to configure your website.

Website management d

At a minimum you need to full in the 'Short Meeting times text' and the 'Website Introduction Text' are required. We recommend filling in as much information as you can, the more information your webiste visitors have the better. You can provide links to your social media. A link to a map and various other features.

Remember that this is the shop window for your club, so hone your content to be welcoming as possibly.
Do add a club background image when you have one (see below).

Once you have filled in the details (remember you can come back and update this at any time), click the 'Submit' button at the bottom of the page. You will go back to your main club page.

If you have not yet made your website live you can click the link here:

Making website live

Once you have done this you can see your clubs website address on your club page:

Club Website Address

Follow the link to see your new website! N.b. it may take a few minutes for your website to be available the first time. If you are unable to see your website after 1 hour please contact us

Your Club Website

Adding a map

To add a map, first go to and search for your venue. You want it to have a pin on the correct place on the map.

Adding website map

Now from here select share:

Share map icon

Click on the 'Embed a map' tab:


From here you want to copy the link - you can do this by hitting the 'COPY HTML' button to copy the link into your devices clipboard.


Update your website configuration to include the map link and it will be added to your website.

Update website configruation

Customising your background image



Using a custom domain

If you want to use a custom domain please email Currently it needs to be manually configured by our admin team.